Top 15 Reasons Why You Need a Swim Spa in Your Life

15 Reasons Why You Need a Swim Spa in Your Life

Over the past few years, the importance of self-care has really been brought to light. That’s because without prioritizing relaxation, physical activity, and fun, it can become extremely tricky to be productive in and outside of the office.

For many people, self-care looks like eating an extra-large pizza while crushing episodes of Friends or hoovering down Chinese food takeout in the bubble bath. What self-care looks like differs from person to person.

When it comes to unwinding and regrouping, the knowledgeable team at Hot Tubs of Southeastern PA prefers a good soak in a hot tub or swim spa, especially if a glass of red wine is involved.

If you’ve yet to experience the simple pleasures of relaxing in warm, bubbly water being tossed around by powerful jets, we’ve compiled a list of 15 reasons why you should finally purchase your own swim spa.

What Is a Swim Spa – 15 Reasons Why You Need a Swim Spa

A swim spa is different from a swimming pool or a hot tub.

They are much smaller in size than a swimming pool, which makes them great for backyards of virtually any size.

Swim spas tend to be slightly larger than hot tubs, with a large tank area that’s perfect for recreation and exercise.

Similar to a hot tub, swim spas also have seating that usually extends around the entire perimeter. Like hot tubs, the temperatures and jets in a swim spa can be adjusted. A swim spa can also be used just like a hot tub if you pump the hot tub temperature and jets up to full capacity.

They are ideal for individuals who love to participate in water-based swim spa exercises and activities, as there is certainly more room to move around.

Swim spas also fit more individuals inside of it, which is great for people who love to host parties or have their friends over for a post-workout soak.

Along with the potential for physical activity and exercise, there are plenty of other reasons why swim spas are incredibly popular.

1. Reduce Insomnia

There are few things worse than drifting off to sleep while sitting in front of the computer at your desk.

Instead of filling your belly with coffee every hour on the hour, taking steps toward getting more restful sleep is a much better idea.

Hydrotherapy, the use of running water to heal certain conditions, can be beneficial when it comes to improving your sleep quality and reducing insomnia.

To reap these benefits, all you need to do is relax in your swim spa for about 15 minutes before starting your bedtime routine (brushing your teeth and changing into your pajamas).

For optimal results, sit back, close your eyes, and try to clear your head of any thoughts. If this is a little too laidback for your liking, listen to a podcast or read a book while enjoying the warm bubbles and peaceful ambiance of your backyard oasis.

2. Low-Impact Exercise

If you have arthritis, back pain, or other joint issues, exercising in a swim spa is much better than running on a treadmill or lifting heavy weights. Water-based exercise is relatively low impact, which means that a lot of your weight isn’t being placed on your joints as you work out.

Experts suggest that when standing up to your chest in water, about 90% of your weight is actually being carried by the water.

The best low-impact exercises to complete in your swim spa can include:

  • Swimming laps against the jets
  • Jogging in place
  • Kickbacks
  • The bicycle

3. Great for Parties

The only types of parties we like to attend at Hot Tubs of SouthEastern PA are parties that end in a giant swim spa or hot tub session.

After you’ve impressed your guests with a delicious plate of barbeque ribs and creamy potato salad, let them change into their swimsuits and jump in your swim spa.

Turn the music up, play a couple of games, and keep the drinks flowing for an extra memorable evening.

4. Reduce Your Stress

The massage jets, temperature controls, and warm water current can really melt all of your problems away.

Instead of going to bed with a head filled with worries and stresses, spend some time in your swim spa, as you’ll feel the negative feelings slowly dissipate.
So after a while, you will start feeling happy and healthy thanks to the amazing swim spa health benefits.

Combining exercise and hydrotherapy can work wonders for people who suffer from anxiety, depression, and stress.

5. Promote Injury Recovery

The combination of heat and the pressure of the water can actually increase your flexibility and blood circulation, which will decrease swelling. This can also reduce any inflammation that occurs from an injury.

By just sitting in your swim spa for around 15 to 20 minutes per day, you’ll notice that your injuries are healing much quicker than they would without hydrotherapy.

Spending time moving in the water can also help improve your range of motion after you’ve sustained an injury.

6. Weight Loss and Maintenance

Without even performing any exercises, the warm water moving through the swim spa stimulates your muscles, which results in gradual weight loss.

Swimming is an incredible exercise when it comes to losing weight, as it burns fat by engaging all of your muscles.

For those who are trying to burn calories, swimming on the spot, against the jets in your swim spa, will have you feeling in shape and confident in no time.

Swimming on the spot for 20 minutes each day, combined with some muscle toning exercises and stretches, will lead to optimal results.

7. Improve Flexibility

Stretching on land is effective, but stretching in your swim spa will ensure that you’re getting the most out of your routine. Not only will stretching in your spa improve your flexibility, but it will also improve your balance, core strength, and overall stability.

When performing stretches in your swim spa, be sure to hold each pose for 20 to 30 seconds, remember to breathe, and stretch both sides. If you’re unsure of what stretches to include in your routine, consider the following:

Trunk Twist

Stand in the center of your swim spa and twist your torso to the left, grabbing onto your left hip with your right arm. Hold and then repeat for the right side.

Standing Quad Stretch

Hold onto the side of your swim spa with your right hand and then float your left leg up until your heel is kicking your bottom.

Grab your ankle with your left hand and kick your ankle back until you feel a stretch through the front of your thigh. Repeat on the other side.

Knee Hugs

Stand in the center of your swim spa and hug your knee into your chest. After you’ve felt a good stretch, repeat with the other leg.

Half-Moon Pose

Stand in the center of your swim spa, interlock your hands above your head, extend your arms up and tilt to the left side. Be sure to keep your feet together under the water.

After bending into a half-moon shape and holding it for 20 to 30 seconds, bend the opposite way.

8. Enjoy Fun With the Whole Family

Swim spas aren’t just for adults to enjoy. Life can get very busy so finding an activity where you can bond with your family members is extremely important.

Make a habit of spending a few minutes in the swim spa with your children before winding down for the night and have them tell you about their day.

There are also tons of engaging games for kids that can be played in a swim spa or hot tub. We love ping-pong panic.

Simply unleash five ping pong balls into the swim spa, crank the jets up, and try to dodge the ping pong balls. The last one to get touched by a ping pong ball should be declared the winner.

9. Relax and Enjoy Self-Care

As we mentioned above, a swim spa is the optimal form of self-care as it can provide you with several different health benefits, unlike eating a pint of ice cream while reading a pop culture magazine.

Whether you’re doing a couple of hot tub yoga poses in the center of the swim spa, exercising, reading, listening to music or a podcast, or just relaxing with a cold drink in hand, you’ll feel much better after.

10. Add Ambiance to Your Backyard

A swim spa can breathe life into your backyard, no matter how big or small. Instead of having to visit restaurants, parks, or beaches, creating an oasis right outside of your own home will bring you endless joy.

Along with installing a swim spa, adding a gazebo, a massive deck, a new patio set, and decorative lighting will further add to its magical ambiance. For more inspiration when it comes to bringing paradise to your humble abode, click here.

11. Swim Spas are Exceedingly Convenient

Gone are the days of commuting to the gym, fitness studio, or rec centre pool when you want to get in a workout or relax in a hot tub.

When you install a spa into your own backyard, your commute will simply be a hop, skip, and jump. You’ll also save money in the long run as you won’t have to keep paying for fitness and pool memberships.

12. Water-Based Exercise Can Improve Your Mood

Instead of putting your fragile body through an aggressive workout at the gym that’ll leave you sore and moody, take advantage of a swim spa’s low-impact fitness possibilities.

When you exercise, feel-good chemicals, otherwise known as endorphins, are released in your brain. After even 15 minutes of moderate exercise or stretching in your spa, you’ll feel as if you’re floating on cloud 9.

13. 365 Days of Use

By adding a gazebo or covering it above your swim spa, you’ll be able to use it all year-round, no matter what the weather is doing.

Those who have been on a ski trip to a mountain most definitely know how magical a warm dip in a hot tub or swim spa can be when you’re surrounded by fresh, white powder.

A gazebo or covering can also ensure that your spa is functional when it’s raining.

14. Socialize

You’ll never have difficulty getting your friends to come and visit you when you own a swim spa. There’s a good chance they’ve already got their swimsuit packed in a backpack by the door.

A relaxing dip in a swim spa can also be incredibly enjoyable after hitting a spin or yoga class with your friends or after a long hike with your significant other.

The second you install a swim spa, you’ll receive text messages from friends inviting themselves over on a daily basis.

15. Ease and Reduce Headache Pain

Hydrotherapy holds the ability to reduce tension in your shoulders and back muscles which may lead to headaches or migraines.

Relaxing in a swim spa can also fend off any stress-induced headaches as it will reduce the amount of stress and anxiety that you’re feeling.

All you’ll need to do is sit back in your swim spa for 15 to 20 minutes and close your eyes tightly as soon as you feel the start of a headache.

Be sure to have a water bottle nearby, as staying hydrated is also helpful for getting rid of or avoiding a headache.

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