6 Hot Tub Gazebo Ideas For Ultimate Relaxation

hot tub gazebo

Have you recently found yourself soaking in your spa and wondering how you could add more privacy to your relaxation sessions?

Hot tub gazebos are the perfect way to give your backyard a makeover while amping up the privacy around your spa.

So, whether you’re looking to enhance your time outdoors or want to create the ultimate private paradise right outside your backdoors, look no further. We’ve got you covered.

Not only will we be exploring six stunning outdoor gazebos, but we’ll be sharing our top hot tub gazebo ideas to truly make your space one of a kind!

Ready to give your relaxation haven a makeover? Read on!

Our Top Selection of Hot Tub Gazebos

Gazebos come in three distinct styles, each one providing a different level of privacy and influencing your experience.

  • Fully Enclosed: for a completely secluded experience.
  • Semi-Enclosed: for a customizable solution to seamlessly complement your specific requirements.
  • Open-Air: for those who want to add a level of protection while maintaining unobstructed views from their spa.

Let’s explore two captivating models from each category.

Fully-Enclosed Hot Tub Gazebo From Visscher Gazebos

Fully Enclosed

Fully enclosed models are exactly as they sound: a completely closed-off space featuring four walls and a roof.

Many of these models offer glass or screen windows, ensuring both visibility and ventilation, while providing maximum privacy.

Not only that, but fully enclosed gazebos greatly extend your outdoor season even when you’re not in the spa, providing a cozy space where you’re protected from the elements.

The Colorado

The first gazebo on our list is the Colorado, an ultra-modern model with a sloped roof and floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing ample light to flow into its interior.

Featuring folding doors to open up the space on nice days, this gazebo offers the complete experience, easily adapting to your changing needs from season to season.

During the summer, you could leave the doors wide open to enjoy the warm breeze as you soak away your worries.

Come winter, you can close them up and enjoy a relaxing spa day as snow falls in fat clumps outside, without contaminating your water!

Furthermore, with its durable metal roof and SPF wood structure, the Colorado boasts a long-lasting design that’s sure to maintain its stunning appearance.

With an optional decorative wall and floor kit, this model can truly transform your backyard into a luxury oasis you’ll love stepping into day after day.

The Kelowna

Want 360° of unobstructed views? Look no further than the Kelowna!

This gazebo offers stunning views from every side, featuring four walls of windows to ensure your space remains bright and sunny.

To ensure your ventilation requirements can be met, this gazebo is outfitted with various windows that can be opened, each screened off to let fresh air in while keeping bugs out.

Its peaked metal roof will allow rain and snow to slide right off, while the UV-resistant skylight allows even more natural light to flow into the space.

The optional Bay Kit allows you to customize this gazebo and extend the interior in any direction, ensuring this model can be seamlessly integrated into your backyard to complement the existing elements of your space.

Semi-Enclosed Hot Tub Gazebo From Visscher Gazebos


If you’re thinking you’d prefer something that’s slightly more open, a semi-enclosed gazebo may be what you’re looking for.

These gazebos offer various levels of privacy while maintaining open views from one or two sides.

If you’re looking for customizable privacy to meet your specific needs, these two models are sure to please.

The Napa

With its metal roof, UV-resistant skylight, and SPF wood structure, the Napa offers years of stunning protection for your spa.

With optional adjustable louvers, you can easily add the level of privacy and protection from the elements you need from season to season.

For added enjoyment and functionality, add on the optional bar table that stretches between two beams, providing space to store your drinks or simply sit spaside as your kids enjoy the water.

To enhance your experience further, this model also includes optional Cabana Roofs, extending the coverage it provides, and making it perfect for pairing with a dining set for outdoor cookouts!


If you’re looking for something with a larger footprint, the 14-foot-long Monterey gazebo is sure to meet your demands.

Whether you have a large hot tub and need a larger gazebo, or simply want to add patio seating alongside your spa without losing the protection the gazebo offers, this model is your perfect fit.

The durable metal roof will ensure rain and snow won’t dampen your party, while the extra-long skylight ensures you can stargaze right from the depths of your spa.

With various optional additions, such as adjustable louver panels, base panel metal walls, a bar kit, and privacy drapes, this hot tub gazebo offers plenty of customization options to meet your unique needs.

Open Air Hot Tub Gazebo From Visscher Gazebos


Unlike their counterparts above, open-air gazebos don’t include a closed-off ceiling, offering a more open, airy experience.

Worried this will diminish the privacy they provide? Think again!

Featuring a sliding sun shade along the roof and various optional accessories, these gazebos offer plenty of privacy from above while adding a dose of high-end luxury to your yard.


With a large 11’ by 14’ footprint, the Tucson gazebo is perfect for anyone who wants to maximize their coverage and make their gazebo a statement piece in their backyard space.

Enjoy the sun on your face by drawing back the sliding sun shade during the day, and enjoy an evening soak in privacy as you slide it closed after dark.

The SPF wood structure is sure to last the test of time, maintaining its premium quality without fading in the sun.

With various optional features to add to the exposed walls, you can take complete control over your privacy, adding it exclusively where you need it or all around.

From privacy drapes or adjustable louvered panels to keep prying eyes at bay, to screen drapes to keep bugs from interrupting your relaxation session, this gazebo truly offers complete control over your experience.


The final gazebo on our list is the Mesa, a smaller version of the Tucson, standing 11 feet wide by 11 feet long.

Coming in two colors, either Blacksmith or Ecru, this gazebo effortlessly complements a variety of backyard aesthetics.

Featuring four pillars, an open roof design, and a sliding sun shade, this model easily adjusts to the weather, allowing sun in during the summer and keeping rain out during spring.

Enhance its social appeal with the optional bar kit with stools, or add elegant privacy with drapes on every side, creating a luxury 5-star resort atmosphere.

6 Hot Tub Gazebo Ideas To Enhance Your Experience

Your gazebo itself only goes so far, and if you’re looking to enhance your backyard experience even further, we’ve got six hot tub gazebo ideas to get you inspired!

Subtle Lighting

Lighting plays an important role in how you feel in your space after dark, invoking feelings of calm or excitement.

It’s also a valuable safety measure, ensuring you and your guests can easily see where you’re going as you navigate your way between the house and your spa.

Here are some of our favorite ways to add a stunning hue to your backyard oasis:

  • LED Lighting: Line the underside of your gazebo with multi-colored LED light strips, enhancing your sessions with the captivating color of your choice.
  • Fairy Lights: For something more subtle, hanging dainty fairy lights around the outside of your gazebo can create an air of romance and calm.
  • Lanterns: Add a dose of classic elegance by setting lanterns around the base of your spa or hanging off hooks attached to the beams of your gazebo.
  • Edison Bulbs: These bulbs provide an eye-catching element that’ll mesh well with a minimalist, modern aesthetic.
  • Pathway Lights: Enhance the accessibility of your spa by lining your pathway with solar lights.

Bar Seating

Many of the gazebos above include an optional bar kit, featuring a bar tabletop stretching along one side of the gazebo, and matching bar stools.

While your mind may automatically go to enjoying a refreshing cocktail barside as you socialize with friends, a bar offers more functionality than that.

From storing your towels while you’re in the spa to keeping a bowl of hair ties and hats for guests to keep hair products out of the water, a bar is an invaluable addition to your gazebo.

Outdoor Patio Furniture

If bringing people together is one of your goals when it comes to designing your backyard, pairing your gazebo with patio furniture is the perfect solution.

If you have the space for a larger model, your gazebo can easily accommodate both patio seating and a hot tub, cultivating the ultimate entertainer’s paradise.

From an outdoor dining set for family meals to a classic wicker set lined with plush cushions for a cozy retreat, each element will help bring your vision to life.

Hot Tub Gazebo Ideas - Patio Furniture

Hanging Plants

If you want to add a dash of color to your hot tub gazebo, hang some plants from the beams or string climbing ivy around each pillar to create a living structure.

Plants not only add some color to your space, but they can also help enhance your spa sessions by promoting improved stress relief.

While the simple act of being outdoors near plants has been shown to reduce cortisol levels, when you select aromatic plants, you can put this into overdrive as you enjoy some natural aromatherapy!

Privacy Solutions

If privacy is your main concern, but a fully enclosed gazebo isn’t in the budget, there are plenty of elements you can add to a semi-enclosed or open-air gazebo to provide a secluded interior.

  • Curtains: For protection from the side, curtains effortlessly add privacy at a moment’s notice.
  • Drapes: If your gazebo doesn’t include any privacy options for the roof, drapes can be an elegant way to add a barrier between you and prying eyes from neighboring multi-story homes.
  • Retractable Screens: If you prefer to keep your space clutter free and maintain a minimalist design, retractable screens are the perfect addition, only appearing when you need them.
  • Greenery: Whether you install tall hedges or dense plants, there are plenty of ways to create a lush haven that provides ample privacy.

Fire Tables

Fire tables have become a popular addition to many backyards, offering an easy-to-use design without the need for a constant supply of wood.

These tables are perfect for adding to open-air gazebos, providing a gentle flick of orange light to enhance the ambiance of your spa sessions or social gatherings.

Note: Prior to adding a fire table to your gazebo, ensure you meet all the ventilation requirements.

Hot Tub Gazebos for Sale in Southeastern Pennsylvania

Hot tub gazebos are the perfect way to drive up the value of your home while breathing new life into your space, creating a newfound level of privacy and comfort each time you step outside.

At Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of Southeastern PA, we want to help you create the backyard of your dreams, whether it’s designing a soothing oasis or an entertainment hub.

That’s why we’ve curated a wide selection of backyard leisure products, from hot tubs and swim spas to gazebos, and outdoor essentials.

We’d love to help you discover all the potential your backyard has to offer. With six showrooms across Southeastern PA serving the communities of Wilmington, Warrington, Exton, Reading, and Haverford, there’s a team of experts around the corner.

Contact us today, or visit your nearest showroom to get started. Let’s bring your dream backyard into reality!

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