Jacuzzi®️ Sauna Buying Guide – 3 Steps To Finding Your Perfect Model

jacuzzi®️ sauna in living room

Have you been considering investing in a personal sauna but don’t know where to start? Buying a home sauna can be a challenging process as you start browsing your various options and get lost in all the choices.

Fret not, we’ve got just what you need: a complete sauna buyers guide!

Jacuzzi®️ saunas have made their mark on the industry, and it’s no shock they’ve become a coveted home addition across the globe.

In this article, we’re going to explore the three main steps you need to take to find the perfect sauna for your home and lifestyle and discover what makes Jacuzzi®️ Saunas stand out from the plethora of options.

Read on and embrace an effortless sauna-buying experience!

What Makes Jacuzzi®️ Saunas Stand Out?

Infrared saunas have exploded in popularity. They are no longer restricted to high-end spas and resorts, but are instead widely available to the general public to transform rooms in their homes into lavish havens of relaxation.

Jacuzzi®️ saunas have made their mark on the industry. They boast elegant designs and premium materials and offer an experience that transcends the ordinary. Three main elements push them into a category of their own.

Full Spectrum Heaters

Most infrared saunas provide one of three infrared wavelengths: near, mid, or far.

Each one of these wavelengths has a different length, affecting how they penetrate your skin and providing various health and wellness benefits such as pain relief, improved skin, and improved range of motion.

Jacuzzi®️, on the other hand, has created a line of saunas that combine these wavelengths using full-spectrum heaters, providing a comprehensive experience in one unit.

This ensures every time you step into the sauna, you can enjoy an uncompromised sweat session.

High Quality, Durable Design

Another aspect that has made Jacuzzi®️ saunas a top choice is their exceptional designs. Featuring premium Mahogany wood, 8mm thick glass, and durable, upgraded hinges, these saunas were designed to provide years of relaxation.

They even include replaceable floors to extend their lifespan even further!

Advanced Features

Your experience in a sauna goes beyond the toasty, warm heat inside. The features included in its design truly elevate every moment, from how easy it is to control the temperature to the added wellness features to enhance its therapeutic benefits.

Jacuzzi®️ Infrared saunas have combined a number of elements to greatly extend the benefits you can experience from your sessions.

From chromotherapy lighting, red light, and a digital control panel inside the sauna, their models have truly elevated what you can expect from a home sauna.

Woman Inside Jacuzzi®️ Sauna With Red Light Therapy

3 Steps For Finding Your Perfect Jacuzzi®️ Sauna

Before we dive into three models from this brand, let’s first explore the three steps you’ll want to take to make the journey of finding your dream sauna easy and enjoyable.

1. Determine Your Space Requirements

First and foremost, knowing how much space you’re working with is key. Saunas come in a wide range of sizes, from compact models suitable for solo sessions to spacious models to stretch out in or share with your favorite people.

To narrow down the sizes that would best suit the space in your home that you envision for your new sauna, measure the available space, including width, length, and height. Remember, you’ll need plenty of room in front of the sauna to make access easy.

2. Set Your Budget

Now that you know the limits of your space, you can determine how much you’re willing to spend on a home sauna.

Generally, the smaller the sauna the more affordable, but if you’re looking for a larger unit, consider looking into financing options. If approved, this can help bring that cost down into an affordable monthly payment.

Furthermore, you’ll also want to consider the ongoing expenses of your sauna, such as increased energy costs, and factor that into your budget as well.

3. Consider Desirable Features

One of the best parts of investing in a new wellness product is exploring the many features available, and saunas are no exception!

Head online and start exploring various models, making a list of some of your most desirable features.

This could include a variety of elements, such as:

  • Glass doors
  • Type of heaters
  • Therapeutic features like chromotherapy lighting or vibrational resonance therapy
  • Control panels
  • Sound systems

As you explore the different features, consider what your wellness goals are, and how you plan to use your sauna.

3 Captivating Jacuzzi®️ Saunas For Any Lifestyle

It’s finally time to dive into the three exceptional infrared saunas offered by Jacuzzi®️! Below, you’ll discover three units that effortlessly complement a range of needs, whether you’re dreaming of a quiet solo escape or a hub for intimate conversation!

Jacuzzi®️ Sauna 1 Person

Jacuzzi®️ 1 Person Sauna – A Solo Retreat

The Jacuzzi®️ 1 Person sauna boasts a compact footprint, offering a cozy yet spacious interior for one.

Standing at 78 inches tall with a footprint of 45” x 50”, this model seamlessly complements a wide variety of spaces, and with a 120V design, this sauna becomes effortless to set up, plugging directly into most standard outlets!

Featuring a full glass door and dual light bars to add your chosen chromotherapy and red light therapy to every session, this unit provides a well-rounded experience that exceeds standard therapeutic expectations.

With an ergonomic backrest and bench, you’ll discover ample support that hugs your every curve, allowing you to fully relax and unwind under the glowing warmth of the full-spectrum heaters.

If your goal is to amplify your self-care routine, the Jacuzzi®️ 1 Person sauna is the perfect model, beckoning you into a peaceful seclusion after an overwhelming day.

Jacuzzi®️ Sauna 2 Person Sauna

Jacuzzi®️ 2 Person Sauna – An Intimate Retreat for Two

If you prefer to unwind with your favorite person, the Jacuzzi®️ 2 person sauna should be at the top of your list.

Maintaining a moderate size of 54” x 50”, this unit is compatible with a variety of spaces, whether you’re updating a spacious bathroom or trying to make the most of an unused room.

With an interior built for two, this model provides an intimate atmosphere to enhance quality time, and with its built in sound system, you can drown out the sounds of the outside world as you lean back and let the heat banish the stress of your day.

The stunning glass front adds a hint of sophistication to your space, flooding the room with a gentle glow, ensuring this sauna becomes a statement piece that draws the attention of anyone walking into the room.

Whether you’re stepping in for a moment of quiet or closing out the world for a moment of peace with your cherished loved one, the Jacuzzi®️ 2 Person sauna is sure to please.

Jacuzzi®️ Sauna 3 Person Sauna

Jacuzzi®️ 3 Person Sauna – A Social Haven

Are you a social butterfly and love the idea of sharing your new wellness retreat? Or perhaps you’re dreaming of a toasty space to lay back and relax after a busy day.

Whatever your vision, the Jacuzzi®️ 3 Person Sauna boasts a spacious interior for three, perfect for anyone looking for some extra flexibility.

This sauna may require a slightly larger space, with a footprint of 74” x 50”, but it will become a statement piece of luxury, quickly elevating any room it’s placed in.

From the impressive glass front, easy-to-use digital controls, and chromotherapy lighting, every element of this sauna was designed with your experience in mind.

Paired with Vibrational Resonance Therapy, a standard inclusion on all Jacuzzi®️ saunas, your therapeutic experience is brought even further.

With the Jacuzzi®️ 3 Person Sauna, you’ll discover a luxury home sauna made for sharing its vast wellness benefits!

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