Jacuzzi Sauna 3 Persons

Jacuzzi Sauna 3 Persons


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About Jacuzzi Sauna 3 Persons

The Jacuzzi® 3 person infrared sauna provides a place to rest, relax and restore. Infrared Saunas promote overall health & wellness by encouraging relaxation, releasing muscle tension after physical activity and enhancing mood and well-being.

  • Red Light Therapy: Jacuzzi Saunas include high intensity red light therapy allowing you to enjoy the benefits of light therapy in every session.
  • Therapeutic Far Infrared Heaters: Our combination mica/carbon low EMF heaters surround you in soothing infrared heat.
  • Full Spectrum Heaters: Our powerful full spectrum heaters deliver near, mid and far infrared to enhance the benefits of your sauna session.
  • Built-In Ergonomic Backrest: Relax close to the soothing infrared heat against the chiropractor designed built-in ergonomic backrest
  • Vibrational Resonance Therapy: As a standard feature, VRT can compliment your infrared and red light therapy session with sound and vibration.
  • Enhanced Audio: Bluetooth and AUX inputs make it easy to connect, listen or charge your devices, and includes a subwoofer for a more immersive experience
  • Heavy-duty Construction: Metal threshold, upgraded hinges and a replaceable solid wood floor will withstand heavy sauna use.
  • Warranty: 5 Year comprehensive warranty covers the entire sauna for manufactures defects.

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