How To Keep Your Spa Water Clean – 5 Innovative Ways

Have you ever wished looking after your hot tub — and keeping the water clean — could be a little easier? Well, you’re in luck.

We’ve created a list of simple, everyday items that can help to keep your spa water clean and less of a chore.

The Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Spa Water Clean


1. Tennis Balls 

Tennis balls can be your secret weapon for keeping excess dirt and grime out of your spa. Simply drop some of the fuzzy balls into your spa’s skimmer or directly into your spa’s water.

The material of the balls will attract and trap residue from lotions, sunscreen, and cosmetics that slide off your skin into the water. To keep your spa water crystal clear, be sure to change the balls regularly.

2. Vinegar 

Hard spa water can be a big problem for your spa’s jets. It can result in calcium accumulation in the jets causing them to become stiff and unyielding, or worse, completely unworkable.

White vinegar can come to the rescue because its acidity cuts through the calcium, getting rid of buildup.

The only downside is that it’s likely to disturb the pH and alkalinity levels of your water. Simply test and add chemicals as needed to get your spa water back in balance.

3. Pantyhose

Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you wear pantyhose when you soak in your spa. Rather, they make a perfect, inexpensive net for your lower return inlets when you change your spa’s water.

The gossamer material is ideal for covering and protecting the lower return inlets and keeping dirt out of your filter system.

4. Garden Hose Filter

If you use a hose to fill your spa, you may not be filling it with super clean water. One way to ensure the water going into your spa is as clean as possible is to use a garden hose filter.

If you don’t have a filter for your hose, try sticking it into your spa’s filter. It will do the same job and ensure the water going into your spa is as clean as possible.

5. A Timer

Having a timer on hand when you refill or top up your spa water levels can be a real lifesaver. It’s all too easy to get caught up in another chore and forget about the hose.

To prevent overflows and the massive, dirty mess that can come along with them, be sure to use a timer as a reminder.

With these simple items, you can truly master routine spa maintenance and keep your water pristine.

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