The Benefits of Hot Tub Hydrotherapy

The benefits and relaxation of hydrotherapy are happily welcomed long after you’ve exited your Jacuzzi® Hot Tub. Hydrotherapy is a water-based technique most popularly used by physiotherapists. It is known for aiding in speedy recovery from injuries, relieving muscle soreness, and relaxing muscles surrounding arthritic joints.

Spending just a few minutes a day in a hydrotherapy spa can be a very beneficial addition to your daily routine. Your body will definitely thank you for it!

How does hydrotherapy help?

A relaxing combination of heat, buoyancy and massage are some key features of hydrotherapy. Muscle soreness is relieved by slowly and gently removing the lactic acid from your muscles and joints. Hydrotherapy helps to open up the blood vessels around your body, improving the circulation while at the same time promoting the flow of endorphins.

Researchers have found that hydrotherapy accelerates the way the body naturally heals itself. This makes hydrotherapy very beneficial to someone who has endured a sports injury, suffers from arthritis and/or lives with daily aches and pains.

Muscles around tired and painful arthritic joints finally have time to rest with the high-volume and low-pressure jetting system. The PowerPro® jets found inside Jacuzzi® hot tubs provide a 50/50 air-to-water mixture, which ensures that the pressure from the jets on your body is soft, powerful, and rejuvenating.

Why is hot tub hydrotherapy beneficial?

Hydrotherapy provides you with the opportunity to have both a physical and mental break. Spending five to ten minutes in your Jacuzzi® hot tub every day allowing your muscles to relax and mend in a hydrotherapy spa is beneficial for your long-term health. Daily – or even weekly- hydrotherapy treatments give your body the chance to take a break and mend from the daily stresses it encounters.

You have some time to relax from busy, daily life and let the Jacuzzi® hot tub do all of the work. No waiting in a physiotherapy office or driving home in traffic afterwards. It’s just you and your Jacuzzi® in the comfort of your backyard.

What is hydromassage? Hydromassage vs. Hydrotherapy

Hydromassage is a mixture of heat, muscle stimulation, and buoyancy that help to relieve physical strains on the body and allow long-lasting relaxation. It’s purely instinctual that a warm water massage would attract humans to hot tubs thousands of years after our ancestors were drawn to hot springs.

Hydromassage stimulates your muscles while the warm water relaxes your body, whereas hydrotherapy is less intense and more therapeutic. Water massage therapy has been revamped for the new age to aid in pain relief, healing bodily injury and easing mental stresses. It seems the physical and mental aches and pains seem to drift away with the steam as you slip into the water.

Combination with other therapies

Hydrotherapy is commonly used with other therapies such as reflexology, aromatherapy and chromatherapy.

Theory behind reflexology is based on the belief that reflexes found in the feet and hands correspond to the entire body. Using the hot tub jets to penetrate pressure points found in the feet can be useful in increasing circulation and promoting joint and muscle functions.

During an aromatherapy session, plant and essential oils are burned and evaporated into the air we breathe. Each oil is believed to have a specific scent and purpose that aid in psychological and physical well-being.

Chromatherapy is the use of various colors and light. This technique is known to help calm and rejuvenate your spirit. Specific colors help the body to react in different yet positive ways.

Destress and Rejuvenate with Hydrotherapy

At the end of the day, we all love to relax. Having the opportunity to positively affect your body and mind while taking a break from your busy day doesn’t sound like too bad of an idea.

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