5 Hot Tub Exercises for All Ages

Hot Tub & Swim Spa Exercises for Swimmers of All Ages

In addition to being beneficial for your health, exercising in a hot tub can be fun and relaxing. As with any new exercise routine, you should consult your physician before you begin to work out. Here is a look at five of the most popular hot tub exercises.

The Shoulder Shrug

  • Stand or sit in your hot tub.
  • Raise your shoulders as high as you can and hold the position for three seconds.
  • Initially, you’ll want to perform this exercise three times, building up to ten in a row.

This exercise strengthens your upper shoulder muscles.

Although you can perform this exercise in a standing or sitting position, you might enjoy it more fully if you are immersed in the water.

The Toe Raise

  • For this exercise, you’ll need to stand in your hot tub.
  • Move your feet into a position in which you are standing on your toes.
  • Hold this stance for three seconds, slowly returning to a flat-footed position.
  • You’ll want to begin this exercise with a set of three toe raises, building up until you can perform ten of them with ease.

The Toe Raise is designed to help strengthen calf muscles.

The Butterfly

  • Start with a kneeling position.
  • Move your arms forward in a fluid motion and clap.
  • Repeat for a set of three, building up until you can complete a set of ten.

This exercise tightens the forearms.

Arms Crossover

  • You can stand or sit for this exercise, so choose the position that is most comfortable.
  • Begin with palms facing downward and extend your arms forward.
  • Quickly move your right hand over the left one and then reverse the action for a set of three movements.
  • Build up to three sets of three.

The Arms Crossover strengthens the forearms.

Abdominal Squeeze

  • Stand or sit, depending upon personal preference.
  • Once you are in position, pull in your stomach as much as you can for a count of three seconds.
  • Slowly allow your stomach to return to its normal position and relax for a couple of seconds.
  • Repeat the Abdominal Squeeze for a count of five times, building up to a set of ten.

This exercise targets the abdominal muscles.

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