Spotlight: Jacuzzi® J-400 Designer Collection Series Hot Tubs

Spotlight: Jacuzzi® J-400 Designer Collection Series Hot Tubs

Step into a Jacuzzi® J-400 and let the inventors of the modern spa help you step outside the box. In creating the J-400 Collection, Jacuzzi® spa designers and engineers were inspired to rethink traditional spa design in terms of innovation, features, and performance. And the ingenious result literally breaks the mold, by taking Jacuzzi® WaterColour™ waterfall technology to new heights. Graceful curves present a dramatically new, contemporary profile – and a natural backdrop for cascading water and light. These innovations led to the J-400 Hot Tub Collection earning three ADEX Awards for design excellence. With $1000 in instant rebates, the  J-400 Collection hot tub will change the way you see water and experience hydrotherapy.

The Jacuzzi® J-400 Collection tubs offer an outstanding combination of luxurious design features including:

Waterfalls can enhance the relaxing oasis-like feel your hot tub creates. To get the most
relaxing experience possible, make sure your waterfall is powered by a quiet pump, as those powered by jet pumps can be noisy. Also, look for an elevated waterfall that enables you to sit underneath it. You’ll find that the water cascading over your shoulders provides a light and soothing massage.

Lighting is another crucial factor to consider when determining which hot tub to purchase. Look for hot tubs that feature modern LED technology, but also consider the location of the lights as well. LED lighting should fill the hot tub with radiant color without shining light directly into your eyes.

Most hot tubs feature the option to include a stereo system that will boost your level
of enjoyment. Hot tub stereos systems range in quality from a basic car stereo to a
sophisticated audio system. Hold out for stereo systems that are engineered exclusively for the hot tub environment, as these will come with waterproof speakers that provide the best sound and reliability. Hot tub stereos should also be adaptable, meaning they’re capable of playing music from any device, including smart phones and MP3 players.

Although stainless steel accents are a standard feature in most hot tubs, it’s not just their sleek appearance you should be looking at. We recommend touching stainless steel accents, as you’ll be able to determine their quality based on touch. If the stainless steel feels thin or flexible, it’s not of the highest quality. Instead, look for stainless steel accents that feel sturdy when you touch them, as these are the high quality ones that will continue to look great over the course of your hot tub’s lifetime.

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