Spotlight: Jacuzzi® J-300 Signature Collection Series Hot Tubs

Whether you’re looking for an intimate place to unwind and relax or a favorite hangout to entertain family and friends, Jacuzzi Hot Tubs offers the J-300™ Signature Collection of high quality hot tubs for total enjoyment. Designed in seven styles with customizable features, the J-300™ Collection satisfies a broad range of personalities and budgets.

Models in the series range from the J-315™– a compact hot tub that seats three and has a small enough footprint to fit through an average-size doorway for ease of installation, to the J-385™– a full-size hot tub (91″ x 91″, 231cm x 231cm) for up to seven people that includes a waterfall, lounge seat and the strength of 49 exclusive PowerPro® jets enhanced by two pumps.

The Jacuzzi®  J-300 Collection tubs offer an outstanding combination of luxurious design features including:

PowerPro® Jet System

All Jacuzzi® J-300™ Collection hot tubs are built around the Jacuzzi® exclusive PowerPro® Jet System. PowerPro® jets mix equal parts of air and water to create a softer feeling massage with high volume and low pressure, even from jets strong enough to vigorously massage muscles. With equal parts of air and water pressure, Jacuzzi’s signature PowerPro® jet system and ergonomic seat styling make it possible to achieve a complete range of hydromassage types targeting specific muscle groups.

Sophisticated Features

J-300™ models include a cascading Water Rainbow® waterfall, one of the most popular amenities of the Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs line because of the soothing ambience it provides. Select models include high-performance, energy-efficient ProLite™ lighting both above and below the water, behind the pillows and under beverage coasters – bringing a party to life in the evening. Lounge seat-equipped models include the Jacuzzi® ProAir™ lounger with 12 strategically positioned bubbling PowerPro® BX jets targeting the calves.

Standard Features

To further enhance the hot tub experience, each J-300™ spa comes standard equipped with luxury features including generous cushioned headrests for cradling comfort and support, the ProClear™ filter with chemical dispenser, underwater lighting, a ProTech™ Digital Control System that puts custom control of jets, temperature and lights within comfortable reach, and the ProClear™ Water Management System that provides 24-hour water circulation, so water stays clear with minimal maintenance.

Optional Amenities

As an upgrade to the J-300™ Collection hot tub experience, optional features include the AquaSound Stereo CD System with auxiliary MP3 plug, incorporating a sleek design. Fully integrated, marine-grade micro speakers mounted near the seats plus a subwoofer below help everyone feel the music. For ease of use, the stereo can be controlled from a separate remote.

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