Hot Tub Party Guide – 4 Tips To Throw The Best Spa Party

hot tub party

What’s the best part about owning a hot tub?

Some might say it’s the chance to relax and spend time with family and friends. Social hot tubbing means that not only can you spend quality time together, but you can also take advantage of the healing benefits while you’re at it.

So, why not put your backyard retreat to good use by throwing a hot tub party? With the right planning and strategy, you can throw a great hot tub party for a night of entertainment!

Let’s warm up your spa and get started!

1. The Right Guest List

Before you invite guests to your hot tub soiree, take note of the maximum capacity of your Jacuzzi® Hot Tub. Inviting too many people can leave some out of the jet-driven water for longer periods of time.

By inviting enough people to fill your hot tub, you can ensure that all of your guests will have an enjoyable time.

If you end up having a few extra guests, make sure to have outdoor accommodations for them as well. Place a patio table, chairs, loungers, or outdoor couches nearby to keep the social atmosphere going.

This way, those who aren’t in the hot tub will still feel included and entertained during your party!

2. Be Prepared

Don’t be caught off guard with the requests or needs of your guests. Make sure to have additional gear such as swim suits, towels, phone chargers, soap, face cloths, and sandals around – just in case your guests forget anything.

While you’re stocking up on supplies, be sure to grab snacks and drinks, too! Get a good idea of what your family and friends might enjoy before you head to the store. Offering a wide variety of snacks and drinks can please many appetites!

3. Set the Atmosphere

The best parties begin with the right atmosphere. To set an enjoyable mood for the night, decorate your backyard before guests arrive. You can use a variety of décor, including twinkle lights, floral arrangements, exterior lighting, candles, or tiki torches.

Make sure that you have a place for guests to sit, or even place their belongings while they’re in the hot tub. This can also help to prevent mobile devices and other delicate items from getting wet or damaged.

Make a playlist for the night filled with you and your guest’s favourite music. If you create a big enough playlist, you won’t have to worry about getting out of the spa to change the song or press play.

Having additional activities available can keep the social atmosphere going, long after you and your guests have exited the spa. Have a variety of board games, nail care items, movies, magazines, and other spa items available to keep your night lively and entertaining!

4. Cleaning Your Spa

Nobody wants to relax in a dirty spa! Cleaning your Jacuzzi® Hot Tub several days before your party can help to ensure that your guests will be swimming in sanitary and safe water.

Dirty spa water can lead to rashes and other skin conditions, which you don’t want for your family and friends. Check out this article to learn more about why you should always keep your hot tub maintained for more information.

So, there you have it! Throwing the best hot tub party can be easy with the right planning and techniques.

To learn more about creating a welcoming and social backyard hot tub installation with a variety of accessories and landscape ideas, contact our experts at Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of Wilmington today to get started!

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